Sunday, May 23, 2010


If you don't see me again, its because I'm going through all this:

Picked up the 4 boxes from my Aunt today, and holy CRAP! There's so much IN IT! It's all my Grandma Geve's stuff, and there's an abundance of everything! There's certificates, wills, enumeration papers, her notes, articles, and SO MUCH MORE!

I first need to find a way to sort everything. Then I need to go through all the papers, and because of my Grandmother's love affair with the copier, there are more copies of pages than I know what to do with! :D

Right now, I'm practically bouncing up and down! BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER! {besides the Backstreet Boys tickets my hubby got me!}.

I don't even know which box to start with!

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